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Malcolm Laidlaw

Owner & Operator

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“From an early age I found food and science engaging subjects, and it came as no surprise in future years to find myself involved in the technical side of food production.

Beginning my journey working in food laboratories, testing milk for brucellosis, the heat resistance of bacteria to cooking processes, and onto DNA finger printing of bacteria.

I moved into Technical Services Manager role for a sausage factory, fulfilling my love of detail, here I learnt about legislation, dealing with retailers and the joys of putting quality systems in place. When an opportunity to move to being a Technical Manager in a fresh vegetable company came about I plunged in head first, we implemented through systems and had a BRC audit within 6 weeks of being in my new role - we passed!

Whilst my main focus is on vegetable growers, pack-houses and processors, I also work with a number of smaller businesses ( to implement both the SALSA and BRCGS Food standards. I am now starting to offer remote assistance as a new way of giving support to smaller companies. This will allow them the advantages of getting the paperwork to gain certification to a recognised standard and ongoing technical support via the wonders of modern digital technology, without having to employee a full time technical manager.

IMIS is another "string to our bow". IMIS was developed by Black Lab Software on behalf of ML3 Technical to help simplify managing food safety threats from around the world.

For more information on how I can help your business, whether you are large or small, involved in vegetables or something else, please get in touch.”